Winstrol – An insight into using the drug

Published On June 6, 2017 | By Martin Fuentes | Health

Winstrol is safe and legal to use. It provides body builders, cycles with various degrees of dosages.  The mix of two drugs gives the maximum result of benefits. Winstrol is very potential drug for lean muscle mass, strength and decreases fat crazily. This is very effective in achieving lean muscle mass and low body fat. Winstrol is also used in stack with certain form of testosterone and can be used for 8- 10 weeks. But one thing to remember is there will be difference between injectable Winstrol solutions and Oral Winstrol dosages. When Oral Winstol is used one must take extra caution. It is very important to start with lowest possible dose and then gradually increase the dose based on the requirement and reactions.

To enhance the effects of Stanozolol it can be stacked with other forms of testosterone on a weekly basis. Some of the forms used are enanthate, propionate, and cypionate. When combined with non aromatizing steroids one can achieve lot of benefits without having estrogenic side effects.

It is called by the name winstrol depot when it is available in injection solution. Even though it is not recommended to use winstrol injections without the oversight and supervision by medical professionals most of the athletes and bodybuilders continue to do so. This is because winstrol injections are effective in enhancing physique and muscle growth. Grab more knowhow about the before and after using Winstrol results here.

Winstrol for muscle growth

Winstrol gives good muscle growth and strength in woman when it is combined with good strength training exercises. It also increases endurance in woman. It works by building lean muscle tissues and hence you see an increase in your strength and speed. Here are a few side effects that one can experience upon using Winstrol.

  1. Aggression and irritability: This side effect is also dependent on the dose you take. While some experience increases aggression with high doses, some may not feel it at all. Hence, this is also a temporary feeling. Hence, people who already have short temper should be very careful and avoid taking tren. It is important to have a stable psychological state so that the user is always aware of his actions while on steroids.
  2. Stress on Kidney: While using Tren, urine becomes darker like a strong orange/rusty colour. This has been misunderstood as blood in the urine and has been related to kidney damage. This phenomenon is seen because Tren oxidizes.
  3. Stress on liver: Tern has a small amount of hepatotixicity due to its chemical structure. This will not cause any harm to a healthy person but will be a concern for those with pre-existing liver problems. Hence, in order to avoid any sort of side effects, it is better to get a blood test done to check your health condition, especially related to liver.

Other side effects that can be used even due to minimum usage include skin allergies and headaches. These are side effects of using Winstrol all by itself and when it is stacked with other steroids, the side effects can even worse. It is always suggestive to talk to you medical health practitioner for appropriate dosage guidelines and more.


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