Turmeric Powder Uses and Side Effects

Published On November 2, 2016 | By Martin Fuentes | Health

Turmeric Powder is used as in various medical treatments from ancient Periods. Most of the people in Asian continent believe in Turmeric powder has medicinal purposes. It also has some great medical treatment qualities. It is used as dietary supplements in different treatments. Most of the people from India, China, and other countries used this for medical purposes for hundreds of years. It also doesn’t have any side effects usually. But the concept differently, there is also some side effect only if using very high dosages or mixed with other chemicals in the medical purposes.


Turmeric is most widely used by peoples in India, China, and other southeast Asian countries. It is used as the spice in curry and it gives a warm and bitter taste and it was used more frequently for color flavors for mustards, butter, and cheeses. The root part of the turmeric is used for many medical purposes. It contains the chemical called curcumin this is the chemical that gives yellow-color of the turmeric powder. It is used to give color to the food and other cosmetics. Ancient literature from many countries prefers this curcumin has many unbelievable medical qualities.


Turmeric is more frequently used as a flavor for food materials as the color ingredient. It gives a spicy smell to the foods. It also has some great medicinal qualities that will help in the treatment of many diseases and disorders. More commonly it was used in joint pain in the hands and legs, stomach pain and upset, diarrhea, cholesterol level control, headaches, colds, fevers, tuberculosis treatment, jaundice and it is also used to rectify some type of kidney problems. This powder is used as the antibiotic cream to be applied on the skin to remove ring worms and other fungal and bacterial diseases. Curcumin in the turmeric plays a vital role as an inflammation decreasing agent. These are most important medical benefits of turmeric powder and the chemical called curcumin present in the turmeric powder. It’s also used in many types of beauty care cosmetics and more widely used in perfumes.

Side Effects

Ordinary usage of turmeric powder and the curcumin doesn’t pose any side effects. But it shows some side effects when it was used along with another drug or if the used person has any allergic to turmeric powder. Consult with doctors is the best way to reduce this type of side effects. But most of the time the side effects occur only if using very high dosage. High dosage of curcumin leads to various side effects like nausea, hypotension, chance of high bleeding, cause the adverse effect on pregnant women by uterine contractions, and liver functions will be decreased.

It has more medical usage than some of the rare side effects. If you use with doctor consultation it poses no threat in side effects. The optimal dosage for daily usage is 2.2 mg per day is ideal. More than 3-4 mg usage leads some of the unwanted side effects

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