Surgical Hair Restoration: People’s Best Solution for Hair Loss

Published On October 4, 2016 | By Martin Fuentes | Health

Across the world, there have been an increasing number of hair restoration procedures being done. Many people take advantage of the convenience, benefits and affordability offered b y surgical hair restoration.

Surgical Hair Restoration Benefits

Obviously, the aesthetic change is the main benefit of hair transplants. You get to enjoy great hair that you can style in any way you want it. The majority of people wish to have a full and thicker hair.

However, the benefits of the procedure don’t stop there. Having a great hair can ease your insecurities, build self-esteem and increase your willingness to take part in more social activities.  A lot of men and women experiencing hair loss tend to become self-conscious and are likely to feel less attractive. Recent consumer surveys show that over 75 percent of men who sported a full head of hair felt sexier. The majority of them believe that hair loss would impact their career and social life. A number of them said they would be concerned if they experience hair loss or are dating.

Hair replacement procedures have been done for almost half a century and have a great record for success and safety. Because of the continuous advancement in technology, hair transplants tend to look very natural. These days, doctors make use of follicle grafts with just a few hairs. Such smaller grafts are strategically put to recreate natural hair. Because they are the hair of the recipient, the transplanted follicles continue to grow throughout the life of the person.

The Risk of Hair Loss

Studies estimate that over 70 percent of men are expected to have some kind of hair loss in their lifetime.  Typically, considerable hair loss does not start until middle age; however, thinning hair can begin as early as adolescence. It is likely for women to begin experiencing hair loss at any age. Regardless of the age hair loss takes place, it can really be a devastating experience; however, one that has a solution.

Hair loss occurs for various reasons that include age, genetics, stress and autoimmune disease. But, hair transplants or replacement is the only method to permanently restore hair. Affordable and convenient, surgical hair restoration is most people’s chosen treatment method. Often, it is carried out in a doctor’s office surgical suite or outpatient surgery centers. A mild sedative or local anesthetic will guarantee no pain during the surgery. If you want the best solutions for hair loss, check out Capilia Solutions perte de cheveux.

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