Perfect Tips for Men Planning to Treat Themselves in a Spa

Published On June 22, 2015 | By Martin Fuentes | Spa

Whether you select a spa for treatment or relaxation, that improves your physical well-being and health, spa today is tempting men of all walks of life. Sometimes, spa can cause anxiety for men especially for first timers as they walk through a place that people mistakenly thought to be a woman`s palace. In order to get the most of your spa experience, consider the following tips.

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Do your Homework

Look for a spa that is catering to or designed for men. If you stay close to a bigger urban center this must not be tough; however, if you can`t find any spa in your city, an internet search must help you find spas nearby. Check out online tours or images of their facilities. Ensure that you pick a spa with a vibe you are comfortable with.

Do your Homework

Face Treatments

Water, a can of shaving foam, soap and a disposable razor don`t up to skin car. Talk to your esthetician regarding your issues in the bud with least product and plenty of education focused o your particular problem area.

Face Treatments


Although massage continues to be a famous spa treatment for men and women, avoid ruling out the pedicure. A pedicure is a significant treatment that you need to have. The majority of men don`t have a good relationship with their feet. Your feet, is one of the body`s hardest part and for the majority of men, it requires the most tender loving care. Plus, in case you are diabetic, you need to take as much special care on your feet as your lifestyle and diet.

In case you arrive at a space and find a row of pedicure chairs, an uncomfortable feeling and a gaggle of women, request the pedicure to be provided in a private treatment room. You can expect to have an empowering and relaxing treatment if you are in an environment you feel comfortable with. Don`t allow your esthetician to bring tools resemble rasps or razor blades as she comes at your feet. You are expecting a foot care, not woodworking.


Guys who have calluses and those with diabetes must remember that calluses are the natural defense of the body against friction and wrong posture. If they are overly removed or shaved, the feet will feel that they are under attack. As a result, calluses with quickly return, harder and thicker than used to be. Request that a foot paddle be used just to smooth roughness. This must be followed up with a foot massage.

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A good spa massage experience is about communication. Tell your therapist what exactly are you looking for and your concerns. Do you wish to feel relaxed? Do you want your sore muscles to ease? Do you want a fast-paced, slow or gentle massage? These questions will help in ensuring that you will have a great massage experience. While you are trying to check out your therapist, you can expect them to try to get to know you. Make sure you help them understand what you want. If the treatment is done, you and your therapist will reap the benefits.

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