Painless Non Surgical Procedure of Using Laser Treatment to Enhance Skin Texture

Published On January 7, 2017 | By Martin Fuentes | Skin care

Burns or any kind of damage on the skin can be treated with laser treatment. They require a few sessions and are painless treatment. These treatments promote the production of collagen in the skin that is responsible to make it look younger and toned. Bruises and pain on the skin due to nerve endings and blood vessels is treated with this treatment. No surgical instrument or needle is used on the face during this treatment and the surgeon can see the entire area of treatment with clarity.

Get skin with more elasticity

Lasabrasion is a treatment that provides more elasticity to the skin and promotes the growth of new cells in the skin. Surface skin problems like keratoses, acne, scars, spots, and blemishes are easily treated using this method. The treatment slows down the aging process of the skin and the face looks younger. After the procedure is completed, special care of the treated skin must be taken. Creams are recommended to conceal the skin post the treatment.


Complications and results of this treatment

  • A few patients might experience scarring as a result of this treatment.
  • Patients with certain skin tone can experience pigmentation.
  • Temporary white nodules may appear on the skin post this treatment.
  • The result of this skin treatment can last up to 7 to 8 years.
  • The skin remains rejuvenated for a longer period of time without any additional sessions.
  • After the effect of anesthesia wears off there might be slight burning sensation.
  • The skin looks reddish post the treatment and later resumes to normal skin tone.
  • The crusts that appear fall off after 5 to 10 days.
  • Tylenol reduces all kinds of discomforts post the skin treatment.
  • This treatment is better than using chemical peels to make the skin look younger.
  • Fade scars and remove sagging skin with this treatment.
  • Patients who follow the doctor’s directions will not see any side effects.
  • Post the laser treatment give time for the skin to be healed.
  • Turn back the clock of your skin using this treatment for anti-aging.


Spotless skin that looks younger

Clinic Dr Elise Bernier can be visited to get a spotless and a blemish free skin. They work better than skin supplements that are orally taken or injected. They also remove germs and bacteria from the surface of the skin. Brown spots and aging spots can be easily removed with this procedure. Dry skin problems are eliminated with this treatment and the skin becomes smooth after this treatment.


Most of the skin problems are eliminated after this treatment. The results of this treatment last longer and are beneficial for those who do not have any ailment.

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