HGH cycle for beginners

Published On June 7, 2017 | By Martin Fuentes | Health

Growth hormone cycle basically involves in specific process of the body which is important for the body to grow. This hormone is produce by the pituitary gland which is the tiniest part of the body. It plays a vital role to grow our physical health. As we reach our middle age, our level of hormone decreases gradually and at the time we reach about 80 years of age, hormone production has decreases by 95%. So we have to maintain the growth hormone level of the body by using HGH-X2 as a supplement. This supplements cycle dosage for beginners and advance users is different.

Human growth hormone plays a major role for the development of bones, muscle density, organs and cellular structure of the human body. The low level of hormone cause less energetic and increase in fat to lean muscle mass. This will also cause for less desire of sexual drive. The level of growth hormone has to maintain to lead a healthy life as you desire to. The growth hormone therapy helps to maintain the level so that it increases lean muscle mass and simultaneously reduce the fat deposit of the body.  The therapy is known as HGH cycle which dosage amount is different for user to user. The cycle dosage for beginners is for 50 days approximately, and then can take a pause of 20 to 40 days after that another cycle can begin. An average cycle length is about five months to eight months depending upon the scenario. And if you wish to take injection then take it on every other day to get the desired goal without any adverseconsequences.

Dosage of HGH for beginners

HGH has to be start with the lower dose to avoid any side effects. It has been recommended that it should be taken under the supervision of physician. It can be stack with other steroids to get the best result quickly. The dosage quantity is basically depends on your goal. Below is the quantity of dose:

  • If you wish to improve your skin, bone and joints then 2-3 IUs per day is enough.
  • If you goal is to loss excess weight from the body and want to build lean muscle mass then you may take 4-8 IUs of HGH-X2.
  • And if you want to grow your muscle and desire to get ripped and vascular body then take 8-15 IUs

These are the approximate dosage quantity and your result will depend on your diet and training along with this supplements.

HGH is one of the most beneficial supplements to maintain the level of hormones. It helps to enhance the metabolic rate of the body which helps to increase the strength of the bone. It also helps to improve the sleeping pattern of the body. This supplement can be used by man and woman both. This is used by many body builders and athletes and now it became the best supplement in the world of sports. So, go ahead and try it to believe in the results.

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