Clenbuterol’s women dosage

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Clenbuterol is otherwise called Clen which is a bronchodilator that widens the air pipes in the lungs. It is prescribed for severe asthma, bronchitis problems. But in the case of performance enhancement it has been utilized by the body builders, athletes to reduce the weight quickly. One of the most important reasons that why women chose clen is they will never develop with androgenic characters such as excessive hair growth in the body, deepening and hoarse voice.

What does Clenbuterol do to women?

Women will have more fat especially abdominal and visceral fat than men and it is not easily dissolvable. Clen helps to burn the hard fat and it mainly targets the fat around the waistline. As a weight loss supplement, clen induces the body to produce more heat, increases metabolic rate. Hence, women who take clen, the body tends to burns the fat off. Women who are severe craving for foods will be suppressed with appetite due to the Clenbuterol. However, some women experienced moderate virilization such as irregular menstrual cycle, male pattern baldness, clitoris enlargement and decreased breast size. Despite its non-androgenic character, women do not worry about gigantic appearance. It helps to boost only the strength. Women gym goers always love Clenbuterol due to its increasing strength nature that makes them do a lot of workout without fatigue. Clen exactly matches up with any weight loss supplement.

Clen Dosage for female

Recommended dosage for female users is 20 mcg per day. And many women made reviews that clen has been a versatile drug when it is stacked with other supplements. Many of the female bodybuilders choose Clenbuterol to stack with Anavar. Clen induces some common side effects such as tremors and headaches. Since Clenbuterol is more powerful, it is important to cycle with the supplement. The usage should not exceed more than four months. If it is prolonged, might cause the heart to develop additional tissue on the outside walls making it hard to pump blood through the entire body.

The most preferable and recommended clen cycle is two weeks on and two weeks off approach. Start with 20 mcg per day and stay on it for two weeks, the keep off the drug for the next two weeks. After two weeks you may boost the dose to 30 mcg of clen.

Clenbuterol hydrochloride has an excellent thermogenic property which helps to burn calories at a high rate. When clen is taken along with proper food and exercise it works great and provides the desired results.

The user should be cautious about the time of taking the clen dosage. It is better to take clen in the morning to avoid sleepless nights. Since it has the longstanding power for 24 hours, one dose a day is sufficient. Once your body adapts to clen, then you can slowly improve the dose as per the recommended dosage level.

Clen is available with and without prescription in all online, drug stores. But it is advisable to start the dosage with doctor’s consultation. Clen’s nature, benefits, dosages for female users, recommended dosage and the clen cycle are briefed for the readers’ purpose.

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